Donkey meeting Minutes 20th April 2011

Donkey meeting.

20th April. 2011.

In attendance: Connie Anthes, Kate Scardifield, Grace Archibald, Lionel Bawden, Dylan Quirk.

Not present: Georgie Meagher, Debbie Pryor, Jess Tyrrell

Curtain $600 for rental period this is 30 percent off and Free for the borrowing period.

Dylan to contact Georgie

Re picking up curtain as soon as possible.

He will take it to his house and photograph it.

Kate To go to Dylans

Weigh curtain and look at it


Lionel, Connie and Kate to meet with Dylan and decide which curtain works better.


Kate- has been contactingboat suppliers of fittings and fixtures

The Arap Guy suggests we contact Whitworth and ask for in kind support for borrowing pulleys and stuff.

Not applying for Cos event application.

Donkey rigging.

(use a tress with outward pressure).


$110 per hour  3 hours (total $330)

Organized by Grace GRACE WILL BOOK IT.

Donkeys name is Grace

5.15 to 8.15pm

Lionel to Contact Cy re Staging rentals-rigging

Set up rigging at Dylans place

When do we need rigging

What do we need.

Talk to Cy and next opening


Grace can only contribute $100

8 of us.

Is Debbie involved?

Estimated budget- $2000 (donkey $400 and curtain $600)

Approx amount to be put in- $300 each (Grace $100)

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