The name game

So I’ve been dreaming about this stuff, including what we might begin to think about calling this little show. Let’s make a list, and get all the terrible puns out of our system.

Here, I’ll start:
D is for…
D is for Spectacle
The 5 Obstructions
We can move mountains
The Spectacle
3 kinds of fun
Eight plus one
Pulling fun
8 people make 1 art
Going to work
The art of Logistics
Curtain call

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One Response to The name game

  1. Terrible puns are what my system runs on – so I’ll add some variations and keep thinking

    8+1= A.R.T
    You say Donkey we say Ass
    The Firstdraft Show at MOP – (because inevitably this is what people will call it)

    A.R.T has got to be in the title!

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