Curtain logistics: a few thoughts…

A few things to start considering:

–       Design, feeding system (up/down or centre/out?), weight and drape of cloth?

–       Cost of velvet/ fabric of choice. Need to think about sourcing funding.

To make a curtain?  or to hire a curtain?

–       Velvet lined with linen/cotton for ease of movement and added weight.

If we decide to make a curtain….,18,&subc=Velvet%20and%20Suede&category=Fabric

–       E&M Greenfield (wholesale fabric)

–       Anywhere between $10- $45 p/m (for cheaper/fake velvet. Real velvet is $$$)

–       Width of fabric (usually about 150cm) – possibly need to order furnishings bolt (300cm wide)

–       Gallery long wall 6.5m (so we are looking at no less than 21m of fabric to make a  proscenium curtain).

· We would need to work with (or at least consult with) a professional stage curtain designer. It would be possible to do a simple proscenium curtain (including cotton inlay along running track), but if we want something with a little more aesthetically interesting and textual, possibly a contour curtain?

It looks complicated with the scalloped drapery at the top, but the only movement would involve the pleated curtain fabric  hanging below either going side to side / up and down.

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2 Responses to Curtain logistics: a few thoughts…

  1. msjesalice says:

    Shiiiiit! This is gonna be expensive! Let’s apply for a grant.
    NAVA Presentation and Promotion closes: 1 Feb 2011
    Ian Potter closes: 31 January 2011


    Materials for the Arts in NY might have free stage curtains … might be cheaper to ship than buy fabric:

  2. Here are 2 contacts recommended by a set designer friend…
    The Look
    Sydney Props

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