Curtain Call…

Wow, so there is lots of different kinds of stage curtains that vary both in design and construction. I’ve picked out a few images as reference points but a quick and brief explanation for the various types of  stage curtains and their classifications:


Now here are some fancy ones, but its good to view a broad spectrum.

A pretty ah-mazing curtain:

From the Marlinsky in Russia to Blackpool Grand…

Here’s something a little less flashy…

Proscenium curtain with painted backdrop

One piece of fabric, scalloped to ruche when contracted

Austrian curtain (one fabric piece ruched to scallop when pulled up).

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2 Responses to Curtain Call…

  1. need to fringe the top to hide the mechanism.

    • Do we want to hide the mechanism?

      (also I can ask some theatre tech people about curtain mechanics – I had a production class at uni and when the curtain is raised and falls very quickly it often involves a mechanist in the air counterbalancing it and coming back down to raise the curtain – I may draw a diagram for future reference)


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