Curtain A. R. T.

So here are some curtain-y things that have come before…

Valley Curtain – Jeanne-Claude & Christo

At the end of 1970 Christo and Jeanne-Claude began the preparations for the Valley Curtain project. A 400-meter long cloth was to be stretched across Rifle Gap, a valley in the Rocky Mountains near Rifle, Colorado. The project required 14,000 m2 of cloth to be hung on four steel cables, fastened with iron bars fixed in concrete on each slope, and 200 tons of concrete.  On 10 October 1971, the orange-coloured curtain was ready for hanging, but was torn to shreds by wind and rock shortly after. On 10 August 1972 the second attempt to hang the cloth succeeded, but only 28 hours later it had to be taken down because of an approaching storm.

The project was shown in the documentary film, Christo’s Valley Curtain by David and Albert Maysles.

William Kentridge designed a theatre curtain for the opera ‘The Nose’ at the Met…

Kara Walker made a safety curtain for the Vienna State Opera…

Sorry, I could only find an image of it on a publication cover.

Sarah Goffman’s show at MOP in July 2010. Her video work was accompanied by a hand made curtain that blocked off the space. Goffman used items of her own clothing unpicked and layed out to make the curtain.

Not quite a curtain, but Biljana Jancic’s show (also at MOP, Nov 2010) cut off access to the space with large inflatable tubes.

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4 Responses to Curtain A. R. T.

  1. upside down Uluru! Christo magic.

  2. msjesalice says:

    Makes me think of David Lynch and his obsession of red curtains… Think Twin Peaks:

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