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About Donkeys

About Mules

Animal wrangling agencies

Animals need to be aproved/licensed through the NSW Dept of Agriculture and handlers insured.

We may need to get a license for a temporary road closure:

Parking, Road Closures, Access and Traffic Control

You may need to allow six weeks prior notice for temporary road closures so that the City may refer the application to the Sydney Traffic Committee for consideration. You should include a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan (TMP) with your application to avoid the Sydney Traffic Committee’s refusing or deferring its decision.

You must ensure that all traffic controllers used in the production are accredited by the RTA and that they are covered by NSW WorkCover and other statutory requirements.

You should also keep in mind that road closures may require User Pays Police to be on site. Please consult with the local LAC for advice.

Notifying Residents and Stakeholders

The City of Sydney has criteria for notifying residents and stakeholders about film production and still photography activities conducted in the City.

You must notify residents and stakeholders by letterbox drop if there is any possibility that the amenity of the neighbourhood will be affected, for example through the use of parking spaces, noise, large amounts of equipment and high numbers of production crew present when businesses and residents are active in the vicinity.

You do not need to notify residents and stakeholders if your production meets the following conditions:

  • Production is on a small scale and will be produced with a small crew
  • There will be no loss of parking for residents and stakeholders
  • The filming will be in a low density area where there are no active businesses and residents in the vicinity.

Open Space Bookings
Tel: + 61 2 9265 9653
Fax: + 61 2 9265 9180

Just spoke to Megan from CoS. 92467726.

Here’s the low down.
We need an event license and permit for temporary road closure. The committee who reviews the road closure permits meets once a month and you need to submit app 3 weeks prior to that ie, a 2 month turnaround minimum. It costs $725/day per block for road closure, plus a $200 event application fee. As we are a not-for-profit, we can have the road closure fee waived and the event app fee reduced to $100. We will, however, have to build an event plan and hire a traffic control company who will likely charge a minimum 4hr callout fee. We will need to notify neighbours ourselves who are affected by Sutherland Lane road closure, and if the MOP audience is not allowed outside, we may not need a permit at all. Fascinatingly, you are entitled to ride a horse up a road in Sydney. Megan will check if the same applies to leading an animal like a donkey or horse on foot.

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