Donkey Minutes 24/05/11

Donkey Minutes 24/05/11

Present: Georgie, Dylan, Kate, jes

Absent: Debbie, Grace, Connie, Lionel


  • Donkey has been secured with deposit.
  • Curtain has been sourced and is in FD office.
  • Rigging plans have been provided by Arup.
  • Dylan has compiled gear list for rigging and Georgie has forwarded to Ronstan for quote.
  • Cy is providing truss.


  • Purchase rigging equipment and rope (shopping trip to get quote 11am Sun 29th May – Georgie to email details).
  • Design and build winch – Dylan’s project
  • Test run – build prototype (Sat 4th June @ Kate’s SCA studio)
  • Catalogue!


Investigate getting a theatre tech person who knows about rigging curtains to supervise install – Gerogie to ask Pspace production manager if they can recommend someone to help. Dylan to ask ABC, Channel 7 contacts.

Install from 5pm Sunday 12th until 6pm Thursday 16th June

Need to develop install timeline as things need to be done in a particular order. Please email jes your availability and she will develop rough install schedule.

Cy is helping with truss – will be there for install. Dylan to ask Cy if he can arrange to install on Monday 13th.

Dylan to source acroprop from Kennards – to sit above (or bellow) garage door in the alleyway. [Will need two ladders…bring one from Firstdraft]. Only needed for opening night. jes to check acroprop pricing with Kennards.

Kate has acrylic line with no core flute that could be used to run test.

Need to test curtain for distances, required line length, pullies working. Rope needs to be same width as grooves in sheafs of pulley…must be pre-stretch rope.

Test run on Saturday 4th June at Kate’s studio at SCA.

Dylan has compiled gear list from Arup plan. Waiting to hear back from Ronstan about what gear they have and the price they can give us… Georgie to chase Ronstan and Georgie and jes to meet with them to talk through purchase and gear requirements. The rope must be bought in conjunction with rigging.

Possibilities to get rigging of Ebay if too expensive to source otherwise [but must check if they are used that they are still safe].

Dylan to take on winch project.

Think about beautiful lighting of rigging winches.

How to represent opening night for remainder of show? Documentation of donkey. Birds’ eye video shot from acroprop of donkey going in and out of shot…? Camera fixed to donkey’s head? Documentation projected onto back wall. jes to source projector from MOP/Firstdraft.

Visit to JayCar on Sunday 29th at 11am to get quote and get our heads around pullies by physically viewing them. Georgie to decide on most convenient JayCar and email everyone details.

Georgie to ask PSpace for theatre supplier for pullies and rope.



Connie and Lionel have put in $300 each. Grace has paid for donkey contribution – 2 X $165 [$165 owing]. jes to make budget. Curtain will cost $600.



jes to take over catalogue design from Dylan – build on Connie’s file so far.

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Donkey meeting Minutes 20th April 2011

Donkey meeting.

20th April. 2011.

In attendance: Connie Anthes, Kate Scardifield, Grace Archibald, Lionel Bawden, Dylan Quirk.

Not present: Georgie Meagher, Debbie Pryor, Jess Tyrrell

Curtain $600 for rental period this is 30 percent off and Free for the borrowing period.

Dylan to contact Georgie

Re picking up curtain as soon as possible.

He will take it to his house and photograph it.

Kate To go to Dylans

Weigh curtain and look at it


Lionel, Connie and Kate to meet with Dylan and decide which curtain works better.


Kate- has been contactingboat suppliers of fittings and fixtures

The Arap Guy suggests we contact Whitworth and ask for in kind support for borrowing pulleys and stuff.

Not applying for Cos event application.

Donkey rigging.

(use a tress with outward pressure).


$110 per hour  3 hours (total $330)

Organized by Grace GRACE WILL BOOK IT.

Donkeys name is Grace

5.15 to 8.15pm

Lionel to Contact Cy re Staging rentals-rigging

Set up rigging at Dylans place

When do we need rigging

What do we need.

Talk to Cy and next opening


Grace can only contribute $100

8 of us.

Is Debbie involved?

Estimated budget- $2000 (donkey $400 and curtain $600)

Approx amount to be put in- $300 each (Grace $100)

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All the curtains remembered

Am I missing someone’s curtain?

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MOP measurements

Here are some measurements made onsite last week.


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Engineering starters

Chris Sims from Arup has asked for some style sketches for the machine. It seems like it will be hard to have the machine fill 3 dimensions as I think they only work on the same axis. Here’s a sketch by Connie.

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Chris the Engineer

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meeting 30 March

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